Most people would agree that more is better, especially when it comes to owning land. However, it is not just the value of the land that makes it worthwhile to own acreage in Texas hill country. There are some things that you can’t put a dollar amount on, like the privacy, peace, and freedom that comes with owning a large piece of land in the hill country, especially when you are surrounded by thousands of acres of protected land. If owning land in Texas is appealing to you, take a look at all the tangible and intangible benefits of owning a Homestead at the Preserve at Walnut Springs.


The Preserve at Walnut Springs is a boutique community offering only 66 homesteads on 2,039 acres. With a density ratio of only one home per 30 acres, each homestead offers an array of building sites to build your dream home. Each 5-7 acre homestead is not only sizable area to build your dream home, it is a great investment since land in the desirable Texas hill country is becoming scarcer. While there are many other reasons to invest in land in the Texas hill country that have nothing to do with money, this is a financially secure place to buy land that will increase in value over the years. Because of the commitment to conservation and protected open space surrounding each homestead, along with the communities building restrictions, your investment is low risk while offering decades of enjoyment for you and your family to cherish for years to come.

Freedom to Live as You Please

If you have lived in the city or the cramped suburbs, you know how it feels to live under a microscope. There is no freedom or privacy; your neighbors can see you when you go outside to get the morning paper in your robe, and they can even peer into your windows if the shades are not drawn. Living on several acres gives you the freedom to have a private life in your own home. If you want to have coffee on your front porch in your pajamas, then do it! There is a wonderful feeling to knowing you can be yourself when you are in your own home.

Peace and Tranquility

Living in the Texas hill country is picturesque – it is also peaceful, tranquil, and relaxing. If living around noise and the constant hustle of the city has your nerves on edge, living in the country will give you the peace you desire. The Homesteads at Walnut Springs are not only large; the open space surrounding these lots is protected, ensuring peace and tranquility for years to come. There are over 1,500 acres that are protected, putting space between you and the busy world that is just a short drive away.

If you have been looking for land for sale in the beautiful Texas hill country, investigate further into the Preserve at Walnut Springs. Call today to find out more about the Homesteads available for sale.