Does your idea of the perfect day involve a sunny forecast? Are you a fan of sandals or sneakers versus snow boots? You are not alone. Warm, sunny weather can make life more enjoyable, which is one of the many reasons that the Texas hill country is considered one of the best places to live in the south. With an average of 222 days of sunshine and temperate weather all year round, you can enjoy the outdoors in every season, elevating your quality of life.

Texas Hill Country’s Climate

Texas is known for its warm weather. However, Texas hill country has more than just scorching sun. This region of Texas has the warmth and humidity that is common in San Antonio and Austin, with plenty of green hills, lakes, and rivers to cool down residents in the peak of summer. During the winter, enjoy sunny days with moderate temperatures that rarely reach the freezing levels. On average, Texas hill country’s climate offers:

·Spring. March, April and May are perfect months to spend outside gardening, with average highs in the 70-80 range and lows around fifty degrees.

·Summer. Expect hot summers with higher humidity, with average highs averaging around 95 in July and August and lows around 70 degrees.

·Fall. For many, fall is the favorite time of year in the hill country. September thru November decrease from highs in the 80’s to close to 70, yet the lows hover around 60-70 degrees.

·Winter. While much of the country is frozen, Texas hill country stays moderately warm with highs in the 60’s from December to February. The annual average snowfall is only one inch.

With so much sunny, warm weather, residents in Texas hill country are able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Exposure to sunshine increases the body’s production of vitamin D and serotonin, which can help improve mood. But it is not just the weather that increases mood, it is how much time you spend outdoors, which is why you need a home situated in an area like the hill country in Texas where there is plenty to do outside.

At The Preserve at Walnut Springs in the Texas hill country, residents enjoy access to a plethora of outdoor activities where they can take advantage of the excellent weather. There are over 1,500 acres of preserve with many miles of trails to bike, hike or horseback ride. Other activities include swimming, fishing, tennis, basketball and golf, all within this 2,000-acre community. Each homestead is situated on a private lot of 5-7 acres with access to many luxury amenities to help improve your quality of life.

Enjoy the sunny, warm weather of Texas hill country in your own home at The Preserve at Walnut Springs. Join this exclusive gated ranch community to experience the benefits of an active outdoor lifestyle. Contact our office today to learn more about the homesteads still available- lots are limited and once they are gone, so is this amazing opportunity.