Sprawling big cities, and shrinking outside parks and recreational areas are leading to more and more families staying indoors and sedentary – replacing the great outdoors with gaming systems simulating the great outdoors. This, in turn, is leading to a frightening increase in childhood obesity rates, as well as a lack of appreciation for Mother Nature.

That’s why the Texas Hill Country is perfect for families with children of all ages. Surrounded by endless trails, the Hill Country is your own personal playground full of activities to ensure you and your family stay active – all while enjoying the abundant and exquisite nature only the Hill Country can provide.

And At The Preserve at Walnut Springs, we believe a healthy lifestyle leads to a happier life. That’s why our 1,500 preserve is packed with things to do for families of all ages. From hiking to fishing to swimming and horseback riding, our philosophy is to provide as many year-round activities for our homesteaders, encouraging them to experience the great outdoors the way it’s meant to be – and always just steps away from home.

If you’re ready to ditch the couch for a vibrant, active lifestyle, there’s no better investment in your health and family legacy than buying land and building a dream home in the Hill Country. Conveniently located in Johnson City, The Preserve at Walnut Springs has several homesteads with ample land available.

Call today to schedule your personal homestead tour – and bring the kids, too! We guarantee once they see our wide variety of amenities, they’ll be ready to turn off the virtual outdoors and trade it for the real thing.