In a time where ‘screens’ are taking over family life, many parents are looking for a way to introduce their children to healthier activities outside. The good news is children do love to spend time doing other activities besides staring at their computers, phones or tablets – you just need to make it available. At The Preserve at Walnut Springs, kids get to be kids with plenty to do that gets them outside in the fresh Texas hill country air.

Things for Kids to do at Walnut Springs

If you want your children to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and an appreciation for nature, The Preserve at Walnut Springs is the perfect place for your family. There is so much for kids to do at Walnut Springs that they will be happy to reduce their screen time. This community gives each homestead owner their own private family plot with 5-7 acres where you can have your own space. But instead of a large yard to play in, your kids will have over 1,500 acres of outdoor activities right at your backdoor.

The Preserve at Walnut Springs is exactly that – a preserve. This expansive ranch of woods, fields and ponds is protected and will never be developed, giving your children a place to play and treasure for decades to come. But what is important is how they can enjoy it now while they are still young. Some of the activities that kids love at Walnut Springs include;

·Miles of trails. Get out your bikes and take family rides throughout the over 20 miles of trails at The Preserve. Kids will love the wooded trails where they can explore nature right by their home on their bikes, on foot or on horseback.

·Equestrian center. For kids that love horses, The Preserve at Walnut Springs will be paradise. There is a 3,600 SF equestrian center with a barn and arena. You can board your own horses or enjoy our rental horse program.

·Gone fishing. Kids of all ages love learning to fish. There are six ponds that are professionally stocked for the community’s enjoyment with trophy bass. We even have fishing equipment available through the concierge service.

·Sports at the clubhouse. If you want to find the kids that live at Walnut Springs, head over to the clubhouse. With two pools, tennis courts and a basketball court, there is plenty to do for kids at the clubhouse.

Spending time outside in the country is the best way for kids to stay active, healthy, and learn to appreciate nature. The Preserve at Walnut Springs gives kids a chance to have fun in the outdoors the old fashioned way, experiencing nature first hand instead of through an LCD screen.

There are only 66 homesteads at The Preserve at Walnut Springs, so don’t wait to learn more about this one-of-a-kind community to raise your children. Call us today to find out more about all the benefits we offer for you and your family.