Many people think of retirement as simply an exit from the grind of our careers. But in truth, retirement isn’t so much an exit from anything as it is an entrance into the lives we’ve worked for, planned for and dreamed of. One of the keys to a great retirement is choosing a locale that fills your every day with beauty, serenity and joy. Here are three reasons why the Texas Hill Country makes the top of the list.

Reason number one to retire in the Texas Hill Country: low holding costs

The wide open spaces of the Texas Hill Country provide retirees with plenty of good opportunities to save money on things like taxes and spend it instead on what matters, such as grandchildren, travel and pastimes. Not only does Texas have no state income tax, but with the way the homesteads at the Preserve at Walnut Springs are structured, landowners qualify for a one acre homestead tax rate of just 1.6145 and the remaining acreage is tax exempt under the state 1-D-1 Wildlife Exemption.

Reason number two to retire in the Texas Hill Country: the nature

As you would expect, the kind of luxurious ranch life the Texas Hill Country is known for comes equipped expansive views, rolling hills, picturesque canyons and bubbling streams. The Preserve at Walnut Springs is a sprawling ranch of 2,039 acres, 1500 of which are preserved open space, protecting your view and the habitat within, for generations to come. Walnut Springs also boasts an equestrian facility, stocked fishing ponds, a trail system, and birding habitats. Walnut Springs makes getting out into nature easy and maintenance free. If you aren’t already a nature lover when you move to Walnut Springs, you’re sure to become one.

Reason number three to retire in the Texas Hill Country: the culture

The Texas Hill Country has a rich, sophisticated yet salt of the earth culture that instantly creates a sense of community. In addition to museums, galleries, boutique stores and gourmet restaurants, the Hill Country is home to a burgeoning wine region, with a total of 42 wineries dotting the map and the Preserve at Walnut Springs is perfectly placed along the Texas Wine Trail. It’s also known for a unique German-Spanish fusion that can be experienced in food and drink, architecture and music. Even with so many attractions, perhaps the best feature of the Texas Hill Country’s culture is the people. This is a region reminiscent of small town USA with its unparalleled neighborly kindness – the kind of place so many of us have dreamed of.