The Texas Hill Country is a gorgeous place to live, with exceptional natural surroundings. If you are considering buying land in the Texas Hill Country, one of the many benefits is the proximity to all the wonderful foliage that covers the landscape. At The Preserve at Walnut Springs, owners of homesteads in this exclusive community have access to over twenty miles of trails that offer close up access to the beautiful plant life that is native to this area. When taking a stroll on our trails, here are 5 native Hill Country plants that you can expect to see.

Juniper. The ashe juniper tree, or sometime referred to as cedar, is a predominant tree found in the Texas Hill Country. This small tree has multiple stems and is recognized for its clusters of blueberry-like cones that are a popular food source for the wildlife.

Box Elder. This species of maple grows fast and tall, reaching up to 82 feet in height. The bark is a light green, with leaves that have 3-7 lobes, different than many other types of maples. In early spring the drooping flowers appear that contain the seeds, which drop in the fall.

Buttonbush. This shrub is distinctive with long, blade leaves with round white or light pink flowers. The flowers stand out with their pistils that protrude as spikes around the center. This bush can grow to twelve feet or higher, preferring moist ground.

Water Pennywort. In wet areas of the Hill Country, you may see the water pennywort, a small perennial. This plant resembles a lily pad, with a round leaf with a protruding stalk flowers that are white or light green.

Purple Coneflower. You will see beautiful purple coneflowers or Echinacea throughout the Texas Hill Country. These lovely purple flowers with brown, cone centers have a large daisy shape and are a native wildflower to Texas.

If you love experiencing plant and wildlife in its natural setting, the Hill Country is a perfect place to live. At the Preserve at Walnut Springs, we have Texas Hill Country land for sale in lot sizes of 5-7 acres. What makes this community unique is the protected land that surrounds these lots, with 2,000 acres of hill country beauty. Enjoy long hikes on over 20 miles of trails, full of native plants and wildlife, right outside your new home. In addition, we have many other amenities including stocked fishing ponds, wildlife management opportunities, recreational facilities and much more.

If you are considering moving to the Texas Hill Country, you must take a tour of the Preserve at Walnut Springs. This is your opportunity to live in the midst of natural beauty, with all the amenities of a 5-star resort. With only 66 homesteads available, these lots will soon be gone. This is the perfect place for any nature lover to call home, so give us a call today to schedule your tour.