Did you resolve to become healthier and fit at the beginning of the year? Every year millions of people make this New Year’s resolution, yet most find by the end of January they have fallen back into the same old routines. It’s not your fault. Changing your lifestyle is difficult, especially when there are always obstacles in the way to finding the right place and time to create better habits. What you need is a place that is conducive to living the healthier life you desire, and its waiting for your right here in Texas hill country.

Change Your Environment, Change Your Lifestyle

Often it takes a grand gesture to get you on the path that you need to take to become a healthier you. Joining a gym across town or buying expensive fitness equipment doesn’t break you of your old bad habits. However, changing your environment to one that beckons you to move is a real way to change your lifestyle. That is what owning land in Texas hill country can offer, especially when that land is at The Preserve at Walnut Springs.

There is nothing exciting about toiling away on a treadmill. However, when you have over twenty miles of beautiful trails outside your door with interesting wildlife and scenery to uncover, you may be excited to put on your running shoes. The Preserve at Walnut Springs gives you access to the best type of exercise you can get – natural enjoyment of the outdoors without the need to plug in anything before you start. Here are just some of the healthy options available at our exclusive community located in the gorgeous Texas hill country to help you become fit for life:

·Hike, bike or walk your way to a fitter you. There is nothing like hitting an outdoor trail for fresh air and great cardio. When you don’t have to drive anywhere or worry about what you look like, it is easy to get motivated for a morning trail adventure.

·Enjoy getting healthy on horseback. We offer a wonderful equestrian center for horse lovers. Board your own horse for your daily rides or rent one of our ranch horses for fun without the stress of ownership.

·Take in a tennis match. Tennis is a fantastic sport for cardio health. You’ll love having a court nearby to take in a match a couple times a week.

·Fish, swing or swim. Anything you do that gets you moving is a positive step in the right direction. At The Preserve at Walnut Springs, we have a putting green, outdoor pools by our clubhouse and several ponds for fishing.

If you have been wanting to embrace a healthier lifestyle, moving to Texas hill country might be just the change in routine you need. The Preserve at Walnut Springs is the ultimate change of pace that can help you enjoy life to its fullest. Schedule a tour to learn more about this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity!