If you find yourself wishing you lived in the country, but are strapped to the city due to work and school, you really can have the best of both worlds by buying a country home. Though it may seem unsustainable, there are so many amenities in place in today’s world that you truly can have your cake and eat it too.

Make Country Life Part of Your Family’s DNA

With a fast paced life, you really can’t wait till tomorrow to live the life you want. Having a country home to go to on weekends, holidays and even for vacations, can offer a regular side to life that your family will carry with them for a lifetime. Imagine the countless activities that await your family while in the Texas Hill Country.

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Horseback riding
  • Star gazing

The list can be as long or short as one desires, but they won’t be a once a year event any more, but a regular activity integrated into your family’s life. You can even buy the additions, or even a horse, and leave them in your home or in the care of local businesses.

Plan Family or Friend Events in Your Country Home

What relative or family friend wouldn’t love to come spend a weekend in your home in the Texas Hill Country? Family celebrations would be celebrated in a relaxed atmosphere where the kids can run and play and the adults can relax and enjoy each other’s company. There would be no worrying about renting a place or parking in the street and there would be plenty of activities for people of all ages.

Family friends can plan mutual outdoor activities and come “home” and rest instead of having to drive all the way back to the city on the same day. You can plan a dinner or go out to eat at one of the local restaurants and enjoy the evening knowing there isn’t a long drive ahead.

Plan for Retirement

Though your home in the Texas Hill Country may be a weekend getaway now, later it can be your retirement home. Not only will it be likely paid for, you will be familiar with your environment and many of your neighbors. Your children will love to bring their children to the spot where all the best memories were made when they were growing up.

The Preserve at Walnut Springs is uniquely equipped to help you attain and maintain your weekend home in the Texas Hill Country. With 66 lots available ranging from 5-7 acres each, you can build your custom home to suit your desires.

Activities are plentiful with over 20 miles of nature trails, six fishing ponds, and an equestrian center where you can even leave your own horse, plus tennis courts and a pool alongside a fabulous clubhouse. You can take advantage of our concierge services to find things to do locally and they will look after your home while you are away.

Come see the Preserve at Walnut Springs and experience what it has to offer.