Gerald T. Halpin

A visionary in land development, Gerald T. Halpin had a passion for rugged landscapes, recognizing the beauty in the natural lay of the land. A ranch owner since 1969, Mr. Halpin approached development and land stewardship in equal measure. As a leader in conservation development, he was the founder and served as the Chairman Emeritus of the Grand Teton National Park Foundation. Mr. Halpin is widely known for his development work in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area over nearly 50 years. His contributions have been recognized by numerous universities, local and statewide governing bodies in Virginia, as well as by members of both parties in the Congressional Record of the US House and Senate. In the late 1990s, Mr. Halpin, a friend of the Lyndon B. Johnson family, and a native Texan partner, sought out property in the Hill Country with the purpose of replicating an innovative ranch-sharing concept, which he had recently successfully developed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Mr. Halpin and his partner bought and combined two ranches that today comprise The Preserve at Walnut Springs. Mr. Halpin’s goal of achieving long-lasting value for owners while honoring the natural integrity and inspiring character of the landscape, lives on today.

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Early pioneers embraced the rugged countryside of the Texas Hill Country. Fertile terraces along creeks provided deep soil for growing crops. The narrow valleys, bound by limestone bluffs and low hills, provided a measure of confinement for domestic animals. And with just 66 homesteads available, you’re able to have a piece of this tranquil and beautifully isolated Johnson City land, building the home of your dreams – all while preserving the natural resources and rural character that defines the Texas Hill Country. The Preserve at Walnut Springs was founded by modern day pioneers – a group of like-minded individuals that paved the way in land stewardship. The Preserve is much more than just a piece Johnson City real estate – with conservation practices in place, the Preserve is protecting Open Space; outdoor recreational opportunities and a quality of life that’s becoming harder and harder to find. Sounds like a lot of work? This environmentally conscious community has a full-time, experienced staff dedicated to the management and everyday maintenance of the ranch. This approach towards land management is also economical, both in terms of shared management expense and in allowing our Texas Hill Country land and ranch owners to claim agricultural exemption and property tax exemption for wildlife management.

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The Preserve at Walnut Springs offers much more than Texas Hill Country property – it also provides an abundance of recreational amenities with multi-generational appeal. This small, private ranching community is grounded in the authentic hill country ranch lifestyle. The Preserve was created for families who are as passionate about adventure as they are about relaxation – where the memories are as vivid as the landscape, in a community where your family can connect with nature and each other.

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Wildlife Management

While The Preserve at Walnut Springs offers exceptional Texas Hill Country properties, it’s much more than that. The Preserve has dedicated its wildlife management operations to generate a sustaining breeding, migrating and wintering native Texas wildlife population. Operating under a Wildlife Management plan allows our ranch owners the opportunity to join in the behind the scenes ranch management. This includes an annual bird and wildlife censuses and predator control. Wildlife populations are managed through organized hunts and rotational grazing ensures the integrity of the ecosystem. The South side of our Johnson City ranch is home to a large population of endangered Golden Cheek Warblers; a small, migratory, songbird. Herds of blackbuck antelope call the north side home, roaming the grassy hillside in the evening and early morning. By managing the land properly, the Preserve is successfully protecting the natural diversity within.

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Homeowners Association

The Preserve at Walnut Springs Homeowners Association maintains a separate website and platform on TownSq dedicated for members. To reach the PWS HOA, please email [email protected] or visit

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