About the Preserve
pre·serve [ verb ]
maintain (something) in its original or existing state.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Blanco County is a ranch community with winding trails, lush canyons and expansive Hill Country views. The 2,000-acre ranch is home to only 66 thoughtfully situated homesteads.

A community with premier amenities, burden free maintenance and an abundance of recreational opportunities in the great outdoors. Nearly 1,500 acres are protected, ensuring that the quality and character are preserved today and for generations to come.

Real Estate

At this one of a kind Texas ranch community, building your dream home is not a requirement. No matter if you choose to build immediately, or you decide to keep your homestead open, you still have access to all of the Preserve’s outstanding amenities. The 5-7 acre homesteads are non-contiguous and the surrounding 1,500 acres of protected Open Space create a beautiful trail filled greenbelt of meandering creeks, oak-covered hillsides and expansive vistas.

From TheCommunity
“Let it be known and remembered that there was one who lived and worked among us who was the unwavering standard bearer in fulfilling our obligation in saving the national parks, Mr. Jerry Halpin. We are and shall remain forever grateful for his stellar leadership, generous support, and friendship. Indeed, his legacy and contributions to the national parks shall endure.”
Bob Stanton
Former National Park Service Director
Our Residents
5 Star Review

It all came together for us at The Preserve. The Preserve offers what we love most: scenic hill country views with varied landscapes, a ranch environment with estate-sized homesites, and 1500 acres of protected green space with 20+ miles of hike and bike trails. I don’t know of another community in the hill country that can offer this much green space and trails.

Katherine & Petter

What my family and I have enjoyed so much about the Preserve at Walnut Springs is how it has brought together so many like minded people interested in nature, wildlife conservation, rain water harvesting, night sky vision, and just generally paying forward an appreciation of having fun in the great outdoors to our younger generations. It is rewarding to be involved with the Texas Hill Country Arts Community, the Hill Country Alliance and all of our fellow owner families at the Ranch.

Pete & Misti Dwyer
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